If you’ve always wanted to explore the universe but can’t afford the high price of a round-trip ticket into outer space, a few private companies are working together to offer the next best thing: the chance for your cremated remains to take a one-way journey into suborbital space after you pass away.

Funerals In Space

The first memorial service in space was in held in 1997, when a private company “sold” space to carry the ashes of 24 people (included Gene Roddenberry, the creator or Star Trek) into sub-orbit. The remains were carried in capsules on a special rocket ship. Since then, the idea has continued to grow and capture people’s interest, offering them access to a unique and meaningful resting place.

What’s Involved

Cost For A Space Burial

If the idea of being launched into space when you die appeals to you, you may want to know more about actual process. First off, your body needs to be cremated. You also have to keep in mind that the total weight of a person’s ashes can be as much as five pounds, but not all of this weight will actually be able to be transported into space. According to one expert, the capsules typically used for this venture can hold anywhere from one to seven grams of these remains. To put this into perspective, one gram is about one percent of the total weight of the ashes. Further, the capsule is comparable in size to a standard AAA battery.

The Moon As Your Final Resting Place

While suborbital flights are one option for your remains, if you have your sights set even higher, you may soon be able to even have your ashes go all of the way to the moon – that is, if you can afford the price. Several companies are in the process of making this a real possibility. The ashes will be contained in a capsule that will be attached to robotic lunar equipment. The equipment is slated to land on the moon, where it will be used for scientific exploration. When the experiments are done, the capsules will be left behind on the moon, creating a peaceful and final, resting place.

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