How It Works

The way that mail-order bride services operate can vary a great deal, depending on where they are located, who owns them and some of their specific details, but here is a basic overview of how the process can occur.

Usually, a woman applies to be listed on a site (or sometimes on multiple sites, which can increase her chance of being chosen by a man) and answers a series of detailed questions, which often touch on her physical description, family background, education, work experience, interests and hobbies and in some cases, must even provide character references. The woman may also be asked to describe her idea man and what she is looking for. One perspective mail-order bride who used a popular online site said it took about half an hour to enter her profile online. She was also asked to post her photo, which was said to greatly increase her chances of receiving correspondence by an interested man. There is usually no cost for women to sign up with such a service.

Finding Your Match

Cost For A Mail Order Bride

For a man who is interested in seeking a foreign wife, there are numerous options out there. Often the best place to start is by narrowing in on the nationality you desire. Most mail-order bride services specialize in a region or country, so this will help you focus in your search and determine what agency or service you want to use. You can find lots of choices by doing a search online and reading about the various costs and what you get for your money. An important note is to always be sure to read the reviews and make sure any company is reliable before you fork over any membership fees. (This is key, since in addition to the legitimate companies that exist, there are also many scams out there looking to take your money and run so you want to protect yourself as much as you can.)

Once a man chooses a site, he can browse the photos and profiles and select a woman (or several women) he likes and purchases her email address from the site to write to her. Experts say that this is an important investment, since you need to correspond to see if you are a good match. Keep in mind that many men may be pursuing the same very attractive women, so you may have to try for several choices.

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