Cost To Buy A Private Island

Have you ever fantasized about owning your own island? Perhaps a remote place where you can run away to escape from the pressures of work and your other responsibilities? Well, even if you aren’t rich, the possibility may not be all that far-fetched. Some private islands start at about the same price as a small cottage on the mainland. Therefore, with a modest amount of money to invest, as well as lots of research and a bit of determination, someday you may actually be able to own your own private hideaway.

A Range Of Options

There are numerous options when it comes to islands available for sale today. You might consider buying a tiny, and relatively affordable, island off the coast of Maine, or you could invest in your own vacation spot in Canada, where islands prices are even lower than in the U.S. Or perhaps you prefer to splurge to own a piece of land in a more tropical climate, such as the Caribbean, where for a few million dollars and up you can own your own paradise, ripe for development of an upscale resort. No matter what your budget and your preferences, the choices abound. You just have to determine what you want and where.

Find The Right Fit

If you think that owning an island is right for you, there are some things that you’ll need to decide in order to help you narrow in on the perfect location. For instance, do you want to live somewhere off the beaten path, or do you prefer to be in close proximity to civilization? In addition, do you want to purchase an undeveloped plot of land or do you need an island that already has a home and/or buildings and services there? Keep in mind that a very remote and untouched island will be kindest on your wallet, yet the expense of transporting building supplies and getting workers to the island will end up costing quite a bit more than comparable construction on the mainland, so in the end a bargain may not be quite as cheap as you thought.

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